About Us

Our swim philosophy

We encourage swimming with both elegance and efficiency. It doesn’t matter whether you are a head-up breaststroke dipper or a competitive triathlon racer, we should all be seeking to maximise the efficiency – and the beauty – of our swimming. It all begins with breathing and whatever your swimming goal, we can assure you that breathing control is the first step towards achieving your personal swim nirvana. 


Harmony with nature is another objective. We started The Kelp Community because we believe that in order to fully appreciate the wonders of natural swimming, we must first be comfortable that we are part of nature ourselves. Iconic Swims encourage swimmers to re-wild, whether that means swimming over kelp forests, drifting through narrow rock fissures or cruising at high tide across the salt marshes. 


Our Kelp Community is committed to environmental protection. We are uncomfortable about foreign travel for swimming, preferring to explore the abundance of beautiful swimming places closer to home, without the need to board environmentally damaging aeroplanes. 


Often swimmers have to conquer irrational fears of deep open water: anxieties about weeds, jellyfish or monsters of the deep. We aim to guide you gently past the irrational fears, and to help you manage the real risks of open water swimming. We look forward to one day welcoming you into The Kelp Community.

Our story

Iconic Swims was started by Angus and Annabel, a husband-and-wife team passionate about the connections between sea swimming, health and the ocean environment. 


Long-established South Coasters, both have a passion for the sea and swim daily throughout the year in one of the many spots from West Hampshire to East Dorset and the Isle of Wight coast. In their boat they have explored every corner of of this beautiful coastline and are now excited to be sharing their experiences with other swimmers. 


Together Angus and Annabel are dedicated to extending their love, and appreciation, of the beauty of the sea to as many people as possible. 



Owner and head guide

Angus is an ex-competition open water swimmer and solo Channel swimmer. He is qualified as an open water swim coach and beach lifeguard and has over thirty years’ experience coaching water sports of all types. 



Assistant guide

One-time Olympic rower, Annabel is an artist with interests in sea swimming, yoga and mental health therapies. 

Mental Health Swims

We have experienced our personal mental health challenges and swimming has been important for us in tackling these issues. In 2020 Angus became a swim host for Mental Health Swims and is proud to carry their flag whilst reaching out to others also fighting against the tide. 

Find out more about Mental Health Swims.